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New Preprint: Uniform scaling of temperature dependent and species specific changes in timing of Drosophila development

We posted a new preprint from the lab on arXiv and would love your comments. This work was born of our efforts to look at evolution of transcription factor binding in early embryos across Drosophila. When we started doing experiments comparing the three most commonly studied species, the model D. melanogaster, D.pseudoobscura and D. virilis, we quickly ran […]

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Toxoplasma, Cat Piss and Mouse Brains: my lab’s first paper on microbial manipulation of animal behavior

All animals live in a microbe rich environment, with immense numbers of bacteria, archaea, fungi and other eukaryotic microbes living in, on and around them. For some of these microbes, the association is transitory and unimportant, but many make animals their permanent home, or interact with them in ways that are vital for their survival. Many […]

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