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Don’t vote for my opponent. He believes in Genetic Medicine!

A reader sent me the following letter sent out by Fresno County Superior Court judicial court candidate Jim Kelley in his campaign against Douglas Treisman: October 28, 2008 Dear Voter: My name is Jim Kelley and I am a candidate for Fresno County Superior Court Judge.  Judges play an important role in our community, yet […]

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Was Jesus Haploid or Diploid?

A study published last week in the Journal of Fish Biology confirmed that an earlier report of parthanogenesis in sharks was not a fluke. Chapman DD et al. (2008). Parthenogenesis in a large-bodied requiem shark, the blacktip Carcharhinus limbatus. J. Fish Biol. 73(6):1473-1477. (No link – I only link to open access articles). This is […]

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Identifying individuals in "anonymous" genetic studies

Most people who participate in genetic studies do so with the expectation that their participation – and more importantly their phenotype – will be anonymous. To preserve this anonymity, raw data (individual’s genotypes and phenotypes) are not made publicly available. However, to enable validation and further research, pooled data – the average allele frequencies in […]

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