Notebook S1: Scientific publishing awesomeness

Greg Lang and David Botstein have a paper in PLoS One this week probing the consequences of disrupting the cluster of GAL genes in the yeast genome.

The paper is cool. But the supplemental material is awesome. This description in the text says it all:

Notebook S1. The complete laboratory notebook detailing the strain constructions and experiments presented in this study.

And that’s exactly what you get:


It’s really not so amazing that they did this. It’s actually a totally obvious and natural thing to scan and post an entire lab notebook as supplemental material – in principle allowing anyone to answer virtually any question they have about the actual work conducted. What is amazing is that – as far as I know – this is the first time anyone’s actually done it. And (members of my lab take note) this will not be the last.

Way to go Greg and David!

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