Barack Obama – Scientist

Was up working all night, and, as I should have been focusing on my grant, I instead kept trying to figure out just what it was that I was feeling about Obama’s victory. The historical nature of the election brought tears to my eyes – how could it not. And I am already planning a triumphul return to Belgium where I spent a year in cafes defending America against the ill-informed and un-selfaware superiority of Europeans who’ve never been here and believe us to be an incorrigibly stupid, radical and racist nation.

But those were not my primary thoughts. What I came to realize as the night went on is that, for the first time in my life (sorry Bill) I will have complete faith in the person running this country – that we have a serious person in the White House, who approaches problems the way I want them to: deliberately and creatively. He reminds me of the best and brightest of my friends and colleagues. I hadn’t really appreciated it before (his training as a lawyer distracted me) but Obama would have been a fantastic scientist. And because of that I slept soundly last night.

(OK – I would have slept soundly last night had I not been up working on a grant. Now, President Obama, about that NIH budget….)

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